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Evaluating the amount of air-conditioning installation

The cost for the commercial aircon installation depends on the system location, piping position and the cooling capacity of system. You might need to spend extra on the Singapore aircon installation services if your air-conditioning pipes need to be replaced. The complexity of piping also drives the cost factor in the aircon installation. For example, if your piping is concealed or hidden in the ceiling, you might expect a higher quote as compared to a scenario whereby the piping is easily accessible.

Back-to-back air-conditioning installation is a necessary aspect in deciding the pricing. The internal unit must be installed on a flat external surface in this installation. Externally, the compressor unit is directly behind this unit These services are only available for standardised residences and property construction. The double brick structure and concrete panel type will incur additional charges.

Installation Price for Air Conditioning 

The interconnecting cables, power cords, 2 metres pipes, and drain tubing are all included in the installing air conditioning service with a reasonable price. This price includes installation, testing, and commissioning. We'll show you a demonstration of the full air-conditioning system and its mechanics, as well as the warranty information.

The costs of installing on the first floor and the ground floor are different. All payment in SGD.

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