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Aircon Repair Services in Singapore involve unit inspection and troubleshooting. This type of service is for machines that have been inoperable for a long time.Troubleshooting faulty units, generating a report on the cause of the breakdown and recommending possible courses of action, customised service pricing, and, most importantly, educating air conditioning owners to better understand their units and prevent future breakdowns are all included in this package. In typically, this bundle comes with a 90-day warranty.

Our pleasure to do replace/repair aircon service below for you.
  • Disassembling of the circuit board on the site.

  • Transfer the circuit board for examination.

  • Guiding the consumer about the approximate final budget required for repair or replacement of that particular spare part.

  • Repairing or replacement of the unit after approval of the client.

  • After troubleshooting the problem repeat In-house testing.

  • Re-installment of circuit board or unit and again perform final testing.

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