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Commercial buildings' air-conditioning systems are often used continuously throughout their service life. According to our experts, your air conditioning system should be serviced for maintenance at least once every six months. The efficiency of air conditioners decreases by 5% as dust, grime, and other particles accumulate in the filters and coils.It also damages the air conditioners and other components even more. The obstructing of airflow may result in unnecessary heating within your device.

Give your company the best services:
Aircon Maintenance

Our routine commercial aircon repairs and maintenance services will ensure the tip-top condition of your office air conditioners. It also makes sure that the commercial and industrial air conditioners are routinely serviced. It is essential to detect if there are any problems or malfunctions that need to be addressed. We detect any possible issues to avoid more expensive aircon repair costs for you. Our office aircon servicing Singapore contract provides regular inspection and maintenance to your office air conditioners.

Aircon installation

VRF and VRV systems are among the air conditioning installation packages offered by SG CITY AIRCON. In Singapore, we offer qualified professional air conditioner installers with the essential abilities to instal industrial and commercial air conditioners. We have everything you need, from a fan coil unit to ceiling ducted units, and from a standard system to VRV systems.Good installation, future relaxation.

Aircon Repairing 

Using precise troubleshooting, our highly skilled specialists resolve any air conditioning repair services. Faulty air-conditioning systems in commercial buildings can make office workers uncomfortable, which can lead to a drop in productivity. SG CITY AIRCON, a commercial air conditioning repair firm, understands your needs and rapidly repairs your air conditioning equipment.

Aircon cleaning 

Chemical cleaning is necessary to perform chemical cleaning once a year. We assure you to provide dirt-free of condenser that can prevent overheat and causing spare parts spoiled. 

We do an overhaul treatment for more thorough cleaning. In this method, we disassemble the entire air conditioner, clean its every component, and reassemble it again.
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